At STARTAFRESHLIFE we believe that business should embrace their values and not be solely focussed on maximising returns.

We want to develop a positive relationship with our clients and ensure this is an integral part of our business model.  In particular we want to support the women and men who have given their time and resources to protect us, including their immediate family.


What that means is we would like to offer support to Defence members and Veterans as a way of saying thank you for their commitment and duty to our Country.

We know the difficulty that is experienced not only by the defence member but also by their families.

If you are struggling with where you are at right now, or if your family members are struggling please feel free to contact us.

As a defence member including immediate family – partners (does not need to be defence recognised partner), wife, children, mothers and fathers will be entitled to:

  • Listening Post Session – this is available if you just want to talk
  • 3hrs of Coaching – this is available if you are not coping and want to move forward

Note: This is not a counselling service.  Coaching is used to support you to identify what you would like to change, how you will change it and how you will  sustain that change.  The answers are inside you, we provide the space and non judgemental support.

This offer does not make you obligated to this company for any future services and these sessions are given in our own personal time.


You will need to provide evidence that you are an existing or past defence member

To apply please make initial contact via form below.  You will not be bombarded with marketing material or pressured for sales, this is a genuine offer and we will make initial contact to establish if this is the right thing for you before progressing.