At STARTAFRESHLIFE we have developed a process and tool kit called “MINED Coaching”.

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This program allows individuals, couples and groups to work with a coach to develop their own tool box of strategies and actions in an open collaborative and supportive environment.

MINED Coaching supports individuals, couples and groups in the following speciality areas:

  • Life Cycle Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Health & Wellness Coaching

It considers the balance of your social, emotional, mental, physical, occupational and spiritual needs.The program uses a “Connected Model” which has been developed to come from a strength based mindset.

It provides tools to help set your own priorities and then work towards progress in your chosen area.

MINED coaching supports you to grow in a holistic way.

This tool box and process, used in a coaching environment will support you to develop and understand:

  • What is the current state
  • What is the desired future state
  • What actions are required to achieve the future state
  • How to implement the actions required to achieve the future state
  • Deliver the outcomes you want
  • Who will this change impact

But it does not stop there as this process provides you with a tool box to continue to review and start again as your life evolves.

This tool box will be offered to the coachee at an additional cost from the coaching sessions (or as part of a package price).

The individual has the option to choose from a selection of pre designed tool boxes or work with the coach as they progress.  Types include:

  • Mind Type:
    • Analytical
    • Creative
  • Personality Type:
    • Romantic
    • Solution Focused
  • Situation Type
    • Children
    • Workplace
  • Life Cycle
    • Relationships
    • Transition


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