STARTAFRESHLIFE aim is to support individuals to pursue a life based on their own strengths, values and goals.

The idea was born after experiencing debilitating experiences throughout our lives individually and jointly which left us with the opportunity to grow and develop or to give up.

We are not doctors, counsellors or psychiatrists and we both believe there is a place for these types of services, however when you are ready to move forward it is not always easy to know what is out there, what you want or even how to go about it.

We found that by educating ourselves, supporting each other, seeking support from appropriate groups and agencies, family, friends and just generally believing we could start a fresh life, we were able to land here and begin again.

It was not easy and I know we will never stop growing or learning, however what we have learnt is this is a moment in time and we have it within ourselves to be anybody and do anything we want to do.

We have taken our life experiences and continue to undertake formal qualifications to develop a program which will support you to live a life you want to remember!




STARTAFRESHLIFE is a service provider that offers coaching and consultancy across Australia and globally.

We work within a positive framework and assist you to build your confidence and skills to achieve a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life based on your own goals and values.

We believe that growth is an individual process and that with the right kind of support each person can move towards a life that matches their own values and goals for the future.


We use a Collaborative Model to support people through our services.

Using this approach we aim to identify your personal values and goals, and help you to make progress towards achieving them. Each person chooses their own goals.

We, like everyone are living our lives the best we know how with what we have. We have learnt that you can work through what life challenges you with and you can be successful, happy and fulfilled. At a given moment in time you can take opportunities in challenging times.

Take the risk, what is the worst that can happen?

The decision to form this company was made when David was medically discharged from the army with PTSD and other associated injuries.

The transition period we experienced was difficult, isolating and challenging for us and those around us.

The outcome was a belief in ourselves and each other and a decision to give back and to use the skills and experiences we have encountered to support others who are going through similar experiences and in a transition phase.

There are many types of change and transition:

  • Career
  • Business
  • Workplace
  • Life Cycle – births, marriages, deaths and all the in between
  • Relationship(s)
  • Health and Wellness

It doesn’t matter what type you are experiencing, if you are finding it difficult to find a way to move forward then coaching may be right for you.


We use a Lean Six Sigma approach for program, project and change management.

Michele has experience in the following industry sectors:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electricity
  • Water & Sewerage
  • Mining and Resources
  • Manufacturing & Processing
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Local and State Government
  • Commercial and Private Enterprise


Michele is a practicing Coach and Consultant with a background in the corporate world focussing on program, project and change management.  She has lived through many transition phase(s) and understands what that means. She is now living a fresh life.


David was a serving member with the Australian Defence Force for 25 years. He has undertaken deployments, lived in 5 States and is now living a fresh life.  David provides Michele with support and research outcomes.


  • Finding the answers within you to the be the best you can be
  • Supporting you to live the life you want to remember by providing coaching and consulting services



  • Provide a safe environment for you to explore, reflect and grow
  • Ensure behavioural safety when working on client sites


  • Provide an open and honest environment which will support the delivery of sustainable change and outcomes


  • Provide an environment where you can be heard without judgement
  • Provide an environment where your business is our priority


  • Give back to community and society as a part of our business mission


  • Work “with you” vs “for you” to empower you to Live the Life you want to remember
  • Ensure we have clear goals and actions to deliver your expectations