Can you leverage resistant employees to implement change in your organisation?

Of course you can, we do it all the time by using existing models which inform the employee of “what’s in it for me” and then they become our champions.  But is this successful all the time?

The Ironic Manager project looked at those employees who were mocking, sarcastic, resistant and yet also worked to implement the change.  What they found has the ability to change the way we think about these employees, but also how we engage them through change to achieve more successful outcomes.

Dr Richard Claydon and Professor Richard Badham found that these employees were generally ironic because they were trying to survive in an ever changing organisation.  This sarcasm, cynicism and resistance helped them to cope and understand the life around them.

Think about it, do you know anyone in your organisation who appears to be ironic?

Over the next week we will look at ways we may be able to leverage these employees to not only implement change, but improve it also.