Child Abuse

Just recently the issue of “Child on Child” abuse was raised with me and the comment was “people don’t take it seriously”.  It got me to thinking how difficult this would be to deal with.  Not only do you have a child who has been abused, but another child or children now involved in the abuse.  Who deserves the protection more?

Then today I came across this article Sydney Morning Herald which shocked me even more.  So now I am hearing we don’t have the support mechanisms in place to deal with this effectively, well in NSW at the least.

Fairfax media reported that 30%-50% of sex abuse to children is committed by children.  I don’t know about you but that statistic shocked me.

I find this astounding that I had not realised how prevalent this situation was, which got me to thinking how many children have been abused and then not reported because it was committed by a child.  How many people did not know how to deal with this, or even worse did not believe or support the child who was abused.

The article then redirects you to this Sydney Morning Herald article which goes on to talk about stories and examples where the abuse may not have been dealt with appropriately.

I cannot stress enough if a child tells you that they are being abused (in their words), do not ignore it or use the words “they are only children”.

Do talk to the support networks and find a way that not only supports those who are abused, but also those who may have committed the abuse.  There is no excuse and we are there to protect all children, not just the abused or the abuser.

After all, if you turn the other way, if you make an excuse, you are then telling the abused that is ok (it is not) and telling the abuser that is okay to behave this way (it is not).

Read the articles, become enlightened and if you are in this situation seek the support you and the child/children need, please.  Make a difference and begin the healing and learning process required to support all children.