bored woman

How do people manage to work from home and be successful?  You have seen the pictures of the smiling woman with a baby on her lap, looking like Australia’s next top model and still being a successful stay at home mum.

The guy in his daggy jeans and t-shirt, looking like he just stepped out of a men’s fashion magazine making millions from his garage.

How do they do it?

Could that be you, do you even want it to be you?

Australians are increasingly considering starting up a small business or setting up their work environment so they can have more flexible work life.

This can include part time or full time working from home.  The problem is the reality is usually different from the dream.

Some of the pitfalls people experience when working from home are:

  • Constant distractions – after all you are at home so you cannot be working, right?
  • Not being able to get into a work zone because you are at home
  • Not having an office environment to feel like you are at work
  • Missing the face to face interaction that has the benefit of getting your face out there and networking
  • Not hearing the word on the street because you are not included in the informal networks and power plays within an office environment
  • Not being trusted to deliver, because you are not visible and accessible

The thing is with a bit of planning and consideration, the majority of these pitfalls can be overcome if working from home is right for you and your career.

Tomorrow we will breakdown the list above and develop strategies I have seen work for myself and other people to assist you to be effective at home when you are working.

In the meantime if you have any questions, or would like to sign up for a career coaching program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.