Work From Home 1

Is working from home for you?  It is an age old question and when I speak to people I get a mixture of, “I would love to work from home” all the way to “I could never stay focussed”.

What ever your reaction to this question, if it is something you are considering there is lots of information out there to help you to decide if this is actually right for you.

This week I will be talking about this subject and providing information and resources to help you to decide if this would work for you.

Today I will provide you a link that was written specifically for single mums and although it is an American website it does give some great examples of legitimate jobs for those people who don’t care what they do, but more about the need vs the want to work from home.

Fifty Legitimate Work Home Job Opportunities link provides you with some examples of jobs you could consider.  In some cases they are transferable anywhere in the world, in other cases you just need to think how this would translate in Australia.

Tomorrow we will talk about tips to help you to be more productive at home as well as start scoping out opportunities in Australia.

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