Today’s post is about the 5th factor in chasing your dream career or job and building an authentic vocation.

Your work experience actually says a lot about your personality and drive.  By reflecting on your work experience and delving into other areas of your life you are able to develop stories and begin to understand what is your natural style and what is important to you.

This can then be used to help build a complete picture of what is your authentic vocation, by not only understanding yourself, but also using existing experience to build a compelling argument for what you need to be fulfilled in your career.

The best way to share those experiences is by developing work experience stories, using the 3 elements of context, action and results.  This is similar to the STAR process which is about setting the scene and describing the “what, why, how and when”, ending with the result.  This will help you to clearly articulate your experience.

Another approach is to catalogue your experience, which will help shift your focus on achievement, contributions, and strengths, resulting in higher levels of confidence, enthusiasm, and energy for taking action.

Your existing career path can also provide insights into what works best for you.  The traditional career path is like a ladder and tends to be vertical, whereby you are promoted up the chain.  New career paths include:

  • Zigzag – job, career, and education choices do not follow in a traditional or logical order
  • Portfolio – pursue multiple positions at once to meet your financial needs
  • Lateral – moving logically, but in a horizontal fashion
  • Pro-retirement – more about satisfaction than money

When reflecting on your experience, look to your whole like, not just your work and this will help you to build a picture of you and what is important to you.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive a free tool kit to help you develop a picture of your experiences, please contact me at Startafreshlife.