My partner was in the Defence Force when I first met him.  What I did not realise when I fell in love with this man was how it was going to impact my career and job.

We were living in Townsville when we met, living the dream.  Come the day when David came home and said, “We are moving to Darwin”.

First reaction was excitement at getting to go on another adventure, second reaction pleased that David was following his career path, third reaction was “I don’t want to go”.

It wasn’t just because I loved living in the Ville, it was also because I actually loved my job and where my career was going.  Now what was I going to do?

I was working in a fly in fly out role, so initially considered commuting from Darwin.  We decided that would not work for us, so began the task of applying for jobs in another state (or territory) that I was not living in.

Although, finding a job in another State/Territory is only a little bit more challenging, it is finding the job in the career that can be more challenging.

Some tips which helped me through this process are listed below:

  1. Reach out to people in the area – understand the environment you are moving to
    • I contacted a girlfriend and spent time talking to her about what she had experienced
    • David and I did a short trip to get the lay of the land so I could talk about the area with confidence – employers want to know that you understand the environment
    • Use social media and reach out to friends and friends of friends who may have experience there
  2. Be honest and use your current address
    • It makes you stand out
    • Start all working relationships honestly
    • If concerned, follow-up with a phone call to talk about why your are moving
    • Remember, it is not as uncommon as you think, we now live in a world that is on the move and some employers will see this as an advantage as they consider you to be adaptable
  3. Be honest with your plan
    • Understand what is the earliest you can take up a position
    • Include travel and setup time
    • Leave some time for your to recharge your batteries prior to starting
    • Remember they want you as much as you want them
  4. Include why you want to live there
    • Yes, the first reason is, because my partner has been posted
    • However, I also included that I saw this as an opportunitiy to develop my career and take the next step up either in experience or skills
    • If you are going to make the move, why not make it up the career ladder
  5. Always suggest phone of skype interviews first
    • Don’t be shy, the company will most likely appreciate that you are prepared to save them money and get the opportunity to get to meet you using technology
  6. Dedicated time each week
    • This is true of any job or career search, put aside time that is dedicated to searching for a new job
  7. Have plenty of wine on hand – or whatever you need to release stress
    • Don’t underestimate the time and energy this search may take, I find the wine (or coffee, tea, milo, if you prefer) helped to get me through those tough days

As you can imagine, I have moved many times and I have found these tips have helped me to stay focussed and to ensure that my career has not been negatively impacted by the effect of moving around the country.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for a career coaching program, contact me at Startafreshlife.