The 3rd factor in obtaining an authentic vocation is to understand what interests and motivates you and see how your work life satisfies these needs.

To be motivated is to feel inspired and excited, and to look forward to doing something.  Does this sound like you in terms of your job or career?

Values are different from motives in several aspects:

  • Values are conscious and motives are unconscious
  • Values are adaptive and motives are basic
  • Values are easier to change than motives

If you would like to increase your motivation there are some steps you can take to assist with that:

  • Doing a self-assessment
  • Defining the desired state
  • Setting goals and taking steps to achieve them
  • Repeating the new motivation/behaviour with emotion
  • Finding interpersonal and situational support

People are often motivated by those activities in which they have a high level of interest, so undertaking an interest inventory at this stage also helps you to understand what motivates you.

So why is this important in terms of your career or work life?  If you are working in a job or career that has no interest to you, or you are not motivated by, chances are you will be dissatisfied in your career/job.

Most people who are dissatisfied at work tend to move around a lot and find it difficult to be motivated to achieve.

In saying that, not everyone is looking to be satisfied by their work life, however, if you are satisfied at work the other areas of your life are going to be a lot easier.

If you are interested in receiving a free tool kit to assess your values, motivation and interest, please contact me at Startafreshlife.