life purpose

As discussed yesterday this week we are going to summarise the Career Coaching program we have been undertaking over the last 3 months.  The first factor to consider is:


  • Life purpose can be defined as a roadmap, theme, direction for your life that drives your daily activities.
  • It is a fact that you have a central purpose that, if fulfilled through your work as it develops and changes over time, generates optimum work fulfilment.
  • Common obstacles to discovering your life purpose include (a) overlooking its value, (b) insisting that it be unique, (c) feeling the pressure to “make a living”, and (d) thinking that only “special” people have a purpose
  • A life purpose statement has 2 parts: essence, which is relatively unchanged throughout your life, and expression, which reflects the current circumstances through which your purpose is expressed and will change over time.
  • Life pupose can be implemented through consistent focus and through seeing it as an organising principle for the goals and plans you have for each part of your life – including but not limited to your work.

Life purpose statement should be seen as the central driver for how you live your life and that includes your work life also.  Of course we cannot all live the dream, which is why we will talk about how you can achieve an authentic vocation when it doesn’t pass the business reality test.

Tomorrow we will talk about the next phase in the career coaching program.

If you would like support to develop your own life purpose statement, please contact me at Startafreshlife some free tools and instructions (obligation free).