Work Environment

Over the last 3 months I have talked about finding your authentic vocation and provided tips and techniques along the way.

I would like to finish this career coaching program by summarising what we have talked about, but also offering free tools for those who are interested.  This program is based upon my own research and the framework provided by Marcia Bench.

Authentic Vocation is about working through 8 factors to identify a career/job that will result in work that is meaningful and inspires passion.  Or, makes you want to jump out of bed to go to work everyday.

The 8 Factors include:

  • Life Purpose
  • Values
  • Motivators and interests
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Work and other experience
  • Desired job/career targets
  • Work environment
  • Business reality

There are 3 principles that form the foundation of Authentic Vocation

  • Every person has a centralised life purpose
  • It is possible to do what you love
  • It is not an accident, but a planned and considered understanding

During the coming days I will be offering free tools to help you work through the 8 factors above.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.