To wrap up the business reality section of this program, I just wanted to summarise what you can do if you fail the business reality test.

This part of the program considered:

  • Can this career/job support you financially
  • Does it allow you to sustain the life-style to which you are, or would like to be, accustomed

As previously discussed there are four key considerations in using the business reality test as a filter:

  • Does the work you want to do meet a need in the business or employment world
  • Are the job targets you have selected financially feasible
  • Are there enough potential or actual positions to make the job target viable for a full-scale job search
  • Are you prepared mentally and financially, for the realistic length of your job search

Last week we talked about the two factors above that you have little  or no control over.  We talked about market need and financial feasibility and some constructive ways you may be able to influence these and still follow your dream career.

In terms of job targets and time frames, those are factors which only you have control over.  If they are not passing the test, one option is to re-consider to see if there is something you would want to change.  However, it would preferable for you to be patient and find other ways to support yourself until you can achieve your dream job.

Or the other option is to consider a career portfolio that would allow  you to have your cake and eat it too.  In other words “your dream job” is satisfied via hobbies, study or even volunteer work.  This then satisfies the need to have the money you want and the satisfaction in the things that you do, allowing you to have a fulfilled life.

This week we will be finalising the program by looking at tools which may help in bringing all this together to allow you to make sense of it and start searching for your authentic vocation.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.