Career Path

The first factor in the business reality test is “Determining Market Need”.

You complete the test and find that there is no obvious market or high demand for the career or job you have chosen.

Now, what do you do?

Unless you want to change your career or job search there is no way for you to increase the size of the market you are playing in.  However these tips could put you ahead of the job search game and separate you from those also competing in this market.

  1. Leverage social media
    • We talk about everything else on social media, why shouldn’t we search for jobs also
    • Think about the industry you are playing in and tailor any posts or advertisements to market yourself effectively
  2. Schedule your time
    • Schedule time in each day to be dedicated to your job search
    • Schedule this time when you know you have the most energy and are more focussed
    • Schedule 30 min to 60 min blocks to ensure the best use of your time
  3. Network
    • Who are the key organisations in your industry – research the culture and understand what they stand for and tailor your resume to compliment their culture
    • Who are the key players in your industry – follow them on social media
    • Who are the role models in your industry – follow them on social media
    • Reach out to people and ask as many questions that you can to understand how to increase your chances
  4. Market yourself
    • Build your own website
    • Blog daily
  5. Develop a Career Portfolio
    • This career or job does not have to be the only thing that you do, it could be part of a portfolio of activities you undertake to live a full life, ie part time job, volunteer role, hobby, etc

Tomorrow we will talk about “Evaluating financial feasibility”, however if you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.