MarketingAre your skills and background marketable in the current economic climate?  Is there demand for what you have to offer?

So how do you market yourself to be desirable to an employer?  How do you use your current skills and experience to your full advantage?

As part of a business reality check in this program, you need to be aware that the more your skills and experience are in demand, the less time it is potentially going to take you to find that authentic job.  However, don’t give up if you are feeling like your skills and experience are not marketable.

I have worked with clients in the past who have had the same job for 20+ years and they always say the same thing, “I don’t know how to do anything else”.  Although this statement may feel true, the reality is you can unpack the skills and experience you have achieved at a generic level and then use those to market yourself in the career or industry you have now chosen.

Instead of thinking of yourself as an experienced accountant, think of yourself as someone  who is detailed, committed and can meet tight deadlines.

Instead of thinking of yourself as an experienced maintenance worker, think of yourself as someone who is committed to ensuring you deliver outcomes that provide a service to your customer.

See, where I am going with this?  Take time today to think about your skills and experiences and ask yourself, how can I sell myself in the industry or field I am looking to work in.

I bet you never thought you would be in sales, but here you are about to market yourself to potential employers, it is a real thing and worth the effort.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.