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Following on from yesterday this week I am talking about factors that may impact your job search time frame.

Today, the topic is:

Job searches in the same field vs a career change

When you are applying for a job that is in the same field you have experience, the job search is often shortened for several reasons.  You have:

  • Knowledge of companies in the field
  • Networks in the industry and area
  • Experience in the industry and area

Career changers, on the other hand, typically need to rely on formal avenues for information and a strong understanding of their goals.  It is more a “find the right job that I want to do” vs “I know what I want to do and have experience.”

That is not to say you should not pursue a new career, it is more about being aware that this has the potential to increase your job search time frame.

The challenge for career changers is ensuring that they have in place an action plan that is realistic and considers all barrier prior to setting off so as not to get disheartened during the process.

Some actions you could put in place which can help to reduce timeframes are done in the planning phase.  You can:

  • Research the companies in the field
  • Find subject matter experts in the industry or area that you can interview or talk too
  • Identify what education or previous work experience you have which is related to your new industry and area

After all, the outcome of working in a job or career that is authentic for you is worth the short term pain you may experience.

Tomorrow, we will explore some other factors that impact your job search timeframe and discuss actions you can put in place to help.

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