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Most people just beginning their job search – especially if it is due to an unexpected event – underestimate how long it will likely take for them to become re-employed.  While there are exceptions, as a general rule the average length of a job search for a professional or manager is three to six months, regardless of the economy or other factors.  Another commonly cited guideline is that it often takes as much as one month for every $20,000 of income/salary you were making to find gainful employment.

In addition the following factors can significantly affect the length of your search:

  • Clarity on job/career target
  • Geographic scope/limits
  • Job searches in the same field vs career change
  • Size of existing network of contacts
  • Marketability of skills
  • Market and economic conditions
  • Attitude, self-confidence, and personality style
  • Financial reserves and/or final pay
  • Support by family and friends
  • Amount of effort and commitment invested

Next week we will work through the above to understand what impact they may be having, or have on your job search.

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