Career Market

For some of you, your career market need might be so obvious as to preclude the need for an extensive inquiry.  If your job targets clearly fall within one of the primary functional areas such as hospitality, sales representative, accountants, human resource professionals and some technology positions you may feel you fully understand the market.

However, I would still encourage you to research what is the market you are playing in if you are interested in changing or improving your career opportunities.  Potential resources include:

If you are in the middle of your career, this can present a different challenge.  By this point you may have completed formal education and initial job(s), work experience and proven yourself according to the external standard of success.  Potentially you have a family as well as a mortgage, assets and a financial commitment to meet, which has the potential to limit your options (more on this tomorrow).

This is the time in your life when another part of yourself will start to emerge, a talent or skill which has so far been untapped in your professional life.  Generally the most satisfying work for people in the second half of their life combines – in a creative and many times unexpected ways – the talents exhibited in your first few jobs plus the additional part of yourself that is trying to emerge.

An approach you can use if this sounds like you is to take a “both/and” approach.  Perhaps instead of choosing something entirely different from your prior work you can combine that with the untapped skill set in a new position – then propose this as a need to your organisation.  Or, after completing the business reality test if you discover this is a real option I would encourage you to take the leap to your authentic vocation.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.