Business Reality

Over the previous weeks you have been identifying the kind of work that will fulfil you emotionally, you now need to filter your idea through business reality.  These are the tough questions such as: “Can this occupation support me financially?”  Does it allow me to sustain the life-style to which I am used to, or would like to be experiencing.

It is deliberate that I have left business reality to last.  By allowing you the time and space to use your creative side you should have been able to identify numerous industries and careers which would allow you to fulfil your life purpose at work.  Potentially even those you had never considered before.

Of course if the industry or career you have selected does not stand up to your business reality test it does not mean you have to turn your back on it.  There is always the option of having this job as part of a portfolio career.

This week we will be putting the business reality lense over your answers to date by focussing on the following four tasks:

  • Determine the market need – Does the work you want to do meet a need in the business work/world?
  • Evaluate financial feasibility – Based on your needs and goals are the job targets financially realistic?
  • Measure job targets for viability – Are there enough potential or actual positions to make the job targets viable for a full-scale job search?
  • Understand the job search time frame – Are you prepared, both mentally and financially, for the realistic length of your job search?

This week we will look at the four tasks above in more detail.  Until then if you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program, please contact me at Startafreshlife.