Worker Frustrated

Yesterday we talked about the seven key components of a work environment which may be impacting on your career satisfaction.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you want in your work environment?  If not, now is the time to get an understanding of what is important to you.

Geographic Location – where would you like to work:

  • State or city where you live or somewhere else
  • Office or outdoors
  • Urban or rural setting
  • Home
  • Travel

Pace – do you enjoy an environment that is:

  • Bustling and busy
  • Peaceful, slower pace
  • Flexible in hours
  • Part time

Support – do you need a supportive environment which provides:

  • Sense of significance
  • Autonomy
  • Challenge
  • Independence
  • Little direction

Compensation – what do you want in terms of:

  • Minimum salary
  • Benefits
  • Allowances

Company Size – is your work setting preference in a:

  • Partnership vs Business Owner
  • Solo-worker vs Team-worker
  • Large Organisation vs small business

Primary Function – do you prefer to work with:

  • People
  • Things
  • Data

Organisational Culture – do you prefer a company that is:

  • Conservative
  • Radical
  • Socially conscious
  • Employee orientated
  • Bottom line/results orientated
  • Clear in visions or just goes with the flow

Spend some time asking these questions and understand what your preference is.  Does this match the company you are working for now?  Does this match your chosen career path aspirations?

Without an alignment to your preferred work environment you will eventually leave, so take the time to understand so in the future you can ensure you have a vocation which is authentic to you.

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