Previously we talked about traditional and portfolio career paths.  Another view to consider is logic.  Does your career path take a logical path or a zigzag path.

Again, none of these approaches are right or wrong, it is important to find the career path type that works for you and by reflecting on these different types it will provide you some insight into where to next.

Zigzag Path

Here, Divergent Dianne’s job, career, and educational choices do not follow in a traditional or logical order.  This pattern no longer carries the stigma of instability it once did and works well for lifelong learners with varying interests.

Lateral Path

Here, Lateral Larry moves logically but in a horizontal fashion, either through a matrixed organisation (where functions cross over and reporting is both horizontal and vertical) or through one or more industries or functions.

Do you relate to one of the career paths we have talked about this week, tomorrow I will talk about another view which is more suited for those who are thinking about retiring.

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