Career Path

By understanding your career path history it will help to understand your drive and potential path you may want to take moving forward.

The 4 major career paths are:

  • Ladder
  • Zigzag
  • Portfolio
  • Lateral

There is also a career path labelled Pro-tirement that we will also talk about later this week.

Considering your work history, or even your plans for the future, what path are you chosing to take.

Ladder Career Path

Ladder Career“Traditional Dan” is in his 60’s and has followed a traditional career path.  He started as an Administration Assistant and made his way up the ladder to CEO.

Traditionally this was achieved through length of service, however as organisations become savvy and commercial performance was on everyone’s lips, this type of career was progressed through hard work and a designed step by step approach.

If this is a preferred path for you , you will need to consider what type of job, organisation would work for you.

Your career could be traditional, stable and potentially require specialised skills, i.e. government, public service, health, education, etc.

This is not to say other careers cannot follow this path, however it is more about you making considered choices as you move forward.

Tomorrow we will talk about zigzag and portfolio career paths.

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