One Track Mind

“The man we call a specialist today was formerly called a man with a one-tracked mind.” – Endre Balogh

Many career development models begin by evaluating areas of knowledge, skills and abilities – the philosophy being, that if one does work one is good at, one will find satisfaction

The problem is that by midcareer most coaching clients have already followed that track to the end and come up wanting. They have reached a point where achieving fulfilment is more important that proving competency.  Generation “X” workers often begin here.

Does this sound like you?

This week we will build an inventory of your knowledge (formal education and beyond), skills (work-related competencies) and abilities (inherent talents or strengths).

It is important to note at this stage that skills are different from experience.

  • Skills are specific competencies required to do a job
  • Experience refers to the type of work one has actually done

Skills also fall into two categories, hard and soft.  More and more employers are looking for soft skills as they are finding that hard skills are easier to change than soft skills.

It is easier to train some-one in technical, administrative and specialist skills versus oral communication, interpersonal abilities, and team-work abilities.  Hence when assessing your skills do not under estimate soft skills.

This week we will be focussed on assessing your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Without knowing what your current state is you are unable to provide a realistic view of your authentic vocation so this is one of the first times we are looking at how to realise your dream job.

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