Motivation does not come from a poster, it comes from inside you and although motivation posters and mantras are great inspiration, if you are looking at the wrong poster it probably isn’t going to work for you.

We have spent this week understanding what motivates you but we haven’t looked at what interests you.

It is important to consider our interests, as often, but not always, when we have a high level of interest in something, we are also highly motivated to do it.

By understanding what motivates you and what interests you will help to understand what will provide you an Authentic Vocation.

I would recommend the Strong Interest Inventory or Self Directed Search Assessment to assist you to understand what interests you, just note there is a small cost involved with both these assessments. Or just take an inventory of what is it that interests you if you would prefer, the assessment is more a guide than anything and may assist you to discover things you hadn’t thought of.

At the end of this week you should have an understanding of what motivates you and what interests you and be ready to examine what skills and knowledge you require for your Authentic Vocation starting next week.

I would be interested to hear from those who are following this program on line to know is it working for you, what have you found out about yourself, is the process worthwhile?

But until then, I hope you have enjoyed this week and part of the program.