You are feeling unmotivated, you don’t know why you are not motivated, you don’t even know what motivates you.  These 5 basic steps designed by Marcia Bench will help you to implement a change in both your motivation and behaviour.

  1. Self assessment
  2. Define the desired state
  3. Set goals and take action to achieve them
  4. Repeat new motivation/behaviour
  5. Find interpersonal and situational support

The first step is to understand what motivates you by undertaking a self assessment.  Without knowing what your current state is you cannot move onto your desired state.

A simple process is to:

  1. Think of at least four instances when you have felt highly motivated
  2. Consider what these activities had in common
  3. Identify the common thread and add any others you think of
  4. Finally list the 5 most common motivators that inspire you to do your best work

Another process is to write down what upsets or leaves you unmotivated during your work day and identify the motivators not being fulfilled.  In fact I would do this over a week period to give you more valuable information.

Tomorrow we will talk about how do you define your desired state.

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