bored woman

Many years ago I worked for an organisation where everyday I would fight to get up and  go into work.  I was questioning my ability, skills and wondering why I was feeling so unmotivated and unhappy.

It took me about a year to identify that my work environment did not align with my life values and then do something about it.  Once I identified the why, what was I to do about it?  For me I chose to take a leap of faith and leave without a job.

I remember someone asked me “What are your going to do when you leave?”, I replied “I am doing it”.  By taking action and having clear direction I was able to leave the organisation and find a job in an organisation which did align with my values.

I am not advising anyone to just up and leave and it certainly was not an unconsidered decision for me, as I said it took me a year to reach this conclusion.  However, if you are feeling unmotivated or unhappy in your work I would strongly encourage you to reflect on why.  This is what the first part of this program is all about.  Take your time, reflect and be considered.  After all this is your life, not just a moment in time we are talking about.

Today I would like you to review your values list and identify the top 5 values.  Do they look right, feel right, sound right?  Try them out with those people you trust, your friend, family member or coach.

Remember to live a fulfilled life your heart and head should be aligned!

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the full program you can contact me at Startafreshlife below.