ValueSociety tends to value our career by focussing on how much we get paid.  Research has been undertaken indicating that money is not the only value people look for in their careers.

So does it matter why we work?  Isn’t the important point to get paid to do what we want to do, or have what we want?

If we take that view on our  career we are potentially setting ourselves up for an unfulfilled life, unless of course money is our only value.

You might be interested to know that Australians who work full time spend an average of 24% to 30% of their time working.  Let’s take this a step forward and assume we sleep 8 hours per day, that equates to a whopping 35% to 45% of our lives working.

Imagine how miserable we could be working in a career that we do not value.

Yesterday I asked you to spend some time reflecting on two questions.  Today I would like you to take this a step further and write a list of everything that you value in your working life.  Take your time and list everything, no matter how small it may seem.  Examples include:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Power and authority (manager vs employee)
  • Security (feeling stable vs feeling secure)
  • Pace (busy vs relaxed working atmosphere
  • Compensation (benefits, amount per annum, car, etc.)

Once you have completed that list, go back and assign a value of 1 to 3, with 1 being not important, 2 being moderately important and 3 being very important.

Take your time with this as by the end of the week we will develop the top 5 values for your career and compare them to how your current job, or the job you are hoping to get fulfils these values.

Have some fun with this, I have seen some interesting things on peoples value list  including, nap time in the afternoon, being able to work where I want to live, and the ability to make people laugh.  The important thing is to capture as many things as possible that you want to get from your job.

Refer to your life purpose statement for inspiration

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