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Examples of Life Purpose Statements

How are you going with building your life purpose statements?

It can be difficult to turn your life statement into one paragraph, but it can be done and the value in that is the power of focussing on what it important to you.

Listed below are some example of Life Purpose Statements which have a balanced and holistic view, but more importantly are written from the heart and the head.

Although we are focussing on career coaching in this program, it is important to remember in terms of your life purpose statement you are not focussing on your career but in fact your life.  Some of you will have nothing about a career in your life statement, while others will focus more on the career side. 

I hope these examples provide some clarity or/and inspiration:

  1. My life purpose is to support others to be the best they can be through really listening, not providing answers but asking great thought provoking questions.  This means not focussing on me and what I think but focussing on others and being respectful of their decision.
  2. My life purpose is to make a difference in this world through taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. That means learning from every opportunity and never saying no.  I want to ensure that at the end of my days I used all my skills, knowledge and passion to be the best I can be.
  3. My life purpose is to use humour to overcome diversity.  I love to have an audience on the edge of their seats with laughter, and to bring smiles to those who are in pain and feeling hopeless. I also love to put my writing skills to good use touching the lives of people I will never meet with humour and compassion that lowers stress levels.
  4. My life purpose is to be a great mother through focussing on my family and myself to ensure that I don’t ever forget what is important in my life.  I must not forget about me and my needs as this will ensure that I am able to provide the focus on my family that I need to support (not control) them to be the best they can be
  5. My life purpose is to be a spokesman for wildlife issues and help people connect their daily actions to saving the wildlife on this planet through using my warm engaging voice to create animal voices over the camp stove and after dinner over the camp fire.  I will share stories that highlight the wonders of the nature world and our connection with the animals and wildlife we share this planet with. Finding the humour in daily situations, I will transform the safari and wildlife outback camping trip into an adventure that opens and changes hearts – and starts a wave of quiet understanding and activism for saving endangered species and supporting sustainable environments for wildlife. After building up a loyal client base, lots of connections with kindred spirits and an awesome network — when I am ready to settle down I will take my collection of campfire tested and refined stories and record them, becoming a spokesman for endangered species.

 As you can see from above, there are many different ways to write a Life Purpose Statement.  The important thing is that it is from your heart and aligned with your head.  It is about you and there is no right or wrong to this. 

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