One thing to consider when developing your life purpose is does your head and  your heart align.

By developing a life purpose where your head and heart are aligned and implementing your life purpose you will be on the road to living a fulfilled life.

We talked yesterday about obstacles to discovering your life purpose and what a life purpose statement is.

Today I would like you to continue to work on your life purpose statement.

Go back to your ten questions:

  • Narrow down your responses to the ten most important aspects of your life purpose and write any themes you notice.

Then take the answers to the ten questions, the essence portion from yesterday and the themes above and use the following format to write your life purpose statement:

“My  life purpose statement is to ………essence…… through ……..expression……….”

Don’t rush this, remember this is going to be your life purpose statement for now.

For the rest of the week I will provide tips and examples of life purpose statement to help you.

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