Last week I asked you to give yourself permission to spend 15 mins to 30 mins per day considering 10 questions to help you start to identify your life purpose.

How did you go?  How difficult did you find it?  Did you find out anything interesting?  Or couldn’t you find the time to focus?

Starting this week we will continue to consider those 10 questions with the intent of turning them into a life purpose statement.


A life purpose statement will have two parts:

  • Essence – which is relatively unchanged from cradle to grave
  • Expression – which changes as your life circumstances change

Take a look at the answers to your 10 questions as they are today, but consider to reflect on these as we progress.

What do you see as the essence to your life purpose?  Some examples are listed below:

  • To promote environmental sustainability through……
  • To increase focus on domestic violence through…..
  • To be a positive influence for women through…..
  • To help working mothers achieve the balance they desire through…..
  • To help others communicate with themselves and others as honestly and courageously as possible through…..
  • To find my own path and help others find their path through…..
  • To help people discover their purpose and express their calling while they are still alive through…..

This week we will start to develop a life purpose statement which you can use as a guide to identifying your authentic vocation.

If you have any questions, or would like to join the free program where you will be provided with tools and access to a career coach for individual support please contact me at Startafreshlife below.