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Do you love your job, are you content and energised at work?   Do you feel like your work is fulfilling your career aspirations?

If you replied yes, congratulations you are not a career imposter.

If you replied no, or maybe, you may be a career imposter and Authentic Vocation may be the answer for you!

A coach who uses the Authentic Vocation process supports you to understand your life purpose and helps to develop a profile of your ideal work from there.  This is a different approach to the traditional model which focuses more on your skill set and less about your passion.

The eight factors of Authentic Vocation are:

  1. Life purpose – What is the purpose or mission of your life that must be expressed through your work?
  2. Values at work – What values must be expressed in your work for optimal satisfaction?
  3. Motivators and interest -What motivates you to do your best?
  4. Skills and abilities – What skills do you have that you want to continue using?
  5. Work and other experience – What experience can you leverage in your next position?
  6. Job/career targets – What job positions and/or industries would suit your goals?
  7. Work environment – What location, culture, and other workplace factors would be critical in your total work environment?
  8. Business reality – Is your target occupation financially viable?  Can you make a living at it?  If not, what needs to be adjusted so you can?

Over the coming days I will take these 8 factors and explore them more.  This will include providing tools and suggestions on how to approach Authentic Vocation.  This work is based on work undertaken by Marcia Bench and is well recognised in the field.

If would like to take this journey with me and discover your authentic vocation please contact me below: