Grief Quote

Grief does change you, however it also reveals a new you.  A you that has so many options and the ability to reflect, learn and move forward.

Over the last week we have talked about the fact that only you know when you are ready to take these steps.  It can be tough, but ask yourself if you stay there in your grief what benefits does it provide you?   It is within that answer that you will learn more about yourself and discover what you need to start moving forward.

So today I encourage you to unwrap your list and reflect on how the answers provided can help you to move forward.

What does your grief reveal about you?


I want my father back – I miss how he made me feel safe – I also feel safe when I am with my mother.

Reveal:  I need to feel safe so for me to move forward I need to find what it is I need to do to feel safe. This could include spending more time with my mother and friends.

I want my job back – I miss how it gave me purpose – My kids give me purpose too.

Reveal:  I need to redefine myself and understand what gives me purpose.  Through our lives our values can change in priority.  Now could be one of those times.

I want my pet back – I miss that feeling of unconditional love – my friends dog gives me that feeling too.

Reveal:  I want unconditional love in my life.  Where else can I find it?  What about inside me?  If I cannot not love myself unconditionally who can?

I want my belief back – It made me feel fulfilled – when I help someone I feel fulfilled too.

Reveal:  I want to feel fulfilled.  I need to find what else makes me feel fulfilled and do more of that.

This is a very simple approach that can reveal what it is you need to start moving forward.  Although it is simple, it is no easy and sometimes we will need to support of our friends, family, or even a professional.

The key thing though is starting to move forward when we are ready and use this time to reveal you.

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