Grief Quote

What a beautiful quote and message.  I have long believed that the gift grieving gives us is the ability to learn from the things or people we are grieving for and in that reveals us.

Everyone dies a saint in the hearts of the those that love them and grieve for them.

I think of my Dad and I remember so many amazing stories, times and words of wisdom he shared with me as I grew up.  In the first few weeks I got to discover a man I did not know from my sisters and mothers memories of him.

It got me to thinking that the mind is an amazing tool that can help us to get through this grief.  Initially we will dwell on the sad memories, but bit by bit we will start to remember the good and before you know it Dad is a saint.  This reveals more about me than it does my Dad.

Don’t get me wrong he was an amazing father, but there were times where he would frustrate me, make me angry and even disappoint.  Funny most of my memories are not of that man, but the man who I have chosen to remember.

It may not feel like it but your mind has the power and control to remember things the way you want to remember.  Take that control and use it for good and not evil when you can.

Take your updated list and look at it.  How may of the things on the list are a memory you have chosen to be your story for this grief.

Did you ask for the person or the thing you are grieving to just come back one more time, that is all you need, one more touch, sight, conversation…….

What if you could?  What would you say if I said you can?

Today I would like you to take your list and next to each statement I want you to write what it is that you miss about that thing or person.


I want my father back – I miss feeling safe and loved

I want my job back – I miss how it gave me purpose

I want my cat back – I miss the cuddles and unconditional love

I want my faith back – I miss the strength it gave me

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