What a big topic to take on this week.  Lots has been written about this but I would like to spend this week talking about how to work through grief when you are ready.

That is the key WHEN YOU ARE READY.

It is interesting when someone we love dies.  It starts with sympathy from others and understanding we will need time.  However there comes a time when people expect we just need to get over it and move on.  Although I agree that the best approach is to move forward and reach acceptance, I don’t believe when the grief is deep we ever truly GET OVER IT.  WE JUST LEARN TO ACCEPT, COPE AND MOVE FORWARD.

What about those people who years later cannot move past the grief?  They are stuck in depression and find it difficult or impossible to move to bargaining phase, or they just cannot accept the loss.

It does not even have to be the death of a person, sometimes it is the death of a relationship, a pet, or even a belief.

So how do you move forward?  What will help you to reach acceptance?

Spend 10 minutes today writing down what would need to happen for you to be ok with your grief.  It can be anything you want, even the thing or person you are grieving to come back.  Today is about spending time to reflect on WHAT WOULD MAKE IT OK.

I would encourage you to seek professional help if you believe you are suffering depression and need help.  Potential support are Lifeline or Beyondblue or your medical practitioner.

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