Ptsd Woman

It is not just ex defence personnel that experience PTSD.  It is doctors, ambulance personnel, police, the person standing next to you and sometimes the partner of the person who has been diagnosed with PTSD.

It is the last one that really interests me.  If you are living with someone who has been diagnosed with PTSD, how likely are you to experience the symptoms and effect as well.

I have done some study, but found nothing conclusive.  However, talking to others I have found that there is definitely the potential.

That being said what does that mean for you if you are a partner of PTSD.

Partners of PTSD need to take care of their physical and mental health to ensure they do not also end up diagnosed with PTSD

As a partner we experience fear, frustration, disbelief and even sometimes laughter at the situations we find ourselves in.

Take Anzac Day for me where I missed David marching because he ended up marching between the Greek and Polish community (it was where he felt safe) instead of RAEME unit.  Yes, I take it I should be more sympathetic, but there was some humour in the situation as well.  Don’t forgo laughter, it can get you through those tough times.

So my tip today is please take care of you if you are a carer.  If you believe you may already have PTSD seek medical support and professional help.

Today I want to share a link with you from Beyond Blue which I have found very useful in my understanding at a basic level and is a very good starting point.

PTSD Definition for today = Please Try Self Discovery

So enough from me and more from one of the experts in all this Beyond Blue.