Diverse People in a Circle with Culture Concept

Miles Anthony Smith talks about culture having a lot to do with pickles, love the analogy and if nothing else listen to the first few minutes of this video to get the concept.

In this you tube video he also talks about the  Seven Steps for Developing Culture which provides some interesting insight not only to organisation structures and strategy, but also to our own motivators.

For example he talks about the fact that a lot of people fail by hiring “Mini Me” vs some one who enhances and improves our own skill set and what we can deliver.

I recently had the opportunity to build a team of 4 to work with me and develop and deliver a program of work.

I utilised an approach recommended by Mile’s, which was to assess your current state and understand what you need to develop the culture to deliver your strategy.

The team is now kicking off and time will tell if this has improved my outcome, but stay tuned and I will share our journey as I progress.

If you are interested in this topic, I would encourage you to give this you tube video a look, it is worth 30 minutes of your time.  Or if you would like to follow our journey, please visit my Website and sign up.  Thank you for your time.