Diverse People in a Circle with Culture Concept

So I have spent a week talking about culture and I realised I have not taken the time to define company culture and what it means to me.

Wikipedia defines organisational culture as having to do with the “behaviour of humans within an organisation and the meaning that people attach to those behaviours”. It is the “Company vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs and habits.”

To a degree I would support this definition. However, for me the company culture is what gives it life, more so than the strategy and definitely more than a set of values or the company vision. Don’t get me wrong these elements are definitely needed as they provide the company direction, belief and definition.

What actually make the company culture are the people. It is the norm, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs and habits of the people that actually give life to the culture. The strategy, values and visions are just words.

If companies does not have the right people who support and live the company strategy, values and visions they will always remain just words and live with hope that one day we may get there.

So a company needs to work hard to implement its culture and continue to support it if it truly wants to succeed.

Does your company culture support the strategy, vision and values? What are your thoughts? I would be interested to know if you agree or disagree.