Yesterday we talked abou the 5 step program to change regret from a conscious negative emotion to a positive outcome.

To help with this program here are some things you need to focus on:

  • Forgive yourself – forgive yourself
  • Searching for Positive Aspects – what are the positive aspects that you can take from this situation
  • Taking Control – is there something within your control you can change, do it or let it go
  • Removing Negative Language – “I should have”, “I could have”, “I would have” – the moment is gone you cannot change it
  • Not Indulging in People’s Sympathies – definitely talk to your friends and family about it, but instead of focussing on feeling sorry for you, ask them to help you find the learnings
  • Helping others Overcome Regret – the more you do this the more it will become second nature for you to turn regret into a positive outcome

Have you had a chance to practice the 5 steps?  Did it make a difference?  Would love to hear what you regret and if you think this program would work for you, or if it did.