Today I started with my day by going through Facebook and my emails.  I came across this clip, it is a comedian by the name of Steve Hughes talking about life and political correctness.  The political correctness piece is about half way through.

Don’t watch if you are easily offended

Apart from starting out my day with a smile on my face, I also realised how much truth there was in what he was saying about political correctness.

Can we really legislate for offending people?  Where do we stop?  Why does it matter?

Steve is right, political correctness is more about ourselves than it is about anyone else.  Maybe we should ask ourselves why we are offended by others opinions, thoughts and comments when they cannot hurt us or change us.

Think about what offends you and try to understand why?   You might find something that frees you from the stress of being offended.  What have you got to lose.