Hell in Hallway

Today I am going to take a different tact on my topic of the week “Never Give Up”.

I woke up this morning to the news that Brussels was under attack.  I listened to the emotive words spilling from the television.  Fear, Hate, Blood, Screaming, Revenge, Terror……how was I going to get through my day when the world was in chaos, grieving and full of hate.

I started to think – When do we say enough is enough?  How do we stop a society that is turning on itself and can justify hate, revenge and discrimination in a heart beat?  Will my kids and grandkids have a future if we keep going like this?

I don’t have the answers and like the general population my heart goes out to those in Brussels and their families and I wonder how and why people can treat each other like this in the name of any cause.

All I can do is take responsibility for my little piece of the world and remember:

  • Spend your time, energy and actions supporting those who need it and are suffering
  • Stop spending your time, energy and actions on those that don’t
  • There is more good in the world than there is bad
  • Where you can make a difference DO IT
  • Where you cannot make a difference, stop, reflect and keep moving forward
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Never give up striving to be the best you can be in good times and adversity

I encourage you all to turn of your televisions and go out there and support those people who are struggling and do what you can to make a difference.  Turn your thoughts, energy and action to those who deserve it and need it.

Don’t waste another second on those that think it is okay to kill in any name.  Don’t buy into the words of hate and revenge – that is what they want – that is what gives them the power they have of our fear and terror.  The best way to silence them is to stop talking about them and only focus on what we can do to support those who need us.

Be kind to each other today and I hope that if you need help or support that you seek it out, or even better a random stranger provides it.  Brussels stay strong and know that you have the worlds support in this tragic time.