Hell in Hallway

I love that saying one door opens and another one closes.  I believe it with all my heart, it is just, sometimes it can be “hell in the hallway” while you are waiting for that door to open on the other side.

Not only do you have to stand still, be calm and wait for your change to come to fruition you are also tempted to return to the warm, familiar and easy door behind you while waiting in that hallway.

I have decided to take a leap of faith and leave a successful corporate life to follow my passion of life coaching and return home to Tasmania.

“What are you going to do?” I hear you ask……”I am doing it!”, I reply.

On good days I truly believe that, but some days I wonder “What was I thinking?” when I told my boss that as of March I was leaving the company and returning home.

I reflected on my values and even started developing the creative side of my brain and drew my future vision.  What do you know none of it involves money.  It all involves a simplified life with family, friends and being connected with my community.

So leap I did, but what I have found is it is not enough for me to be passionate about life coaching, it is not enough to  know I am a good coach, it is not enough to want to have my own business.

So here I sit in the hallway waiting for the door to open with my first paying client, not to mention my trek back to Tassie.

What I have learn’t is you need to:

  • Believe and be brave while standing in the hallway
  • Research and be flexible with your target market
  • Network until you can network no more as there is amazing support out there
  • Focus on what you are doing so you don’t get overwhelmed with the information
  • Plan, plan and plan some more
  • Put yourself out there and take on the feedback you receive from people who have been successful

But more importantly never give up and lean on your network to help you through those tough days as they will be the ones cheering when that door opens and your first client walks through that door.  Join me on my journey and share your story with me I would love to have some company in this hallway.