We live in a world where there is a great discrepancy between “the haves” and “the have nots”, so are we responsible to share what we do have no matter what that is?  If we do, why is it so hard to give things away?

The official definition of social responsibility is:

“an ethical framework advocating that individuals, business owners and organisations have the responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society.”

We can contribute to the betterment of society in many different ways dependent on our resources and our passion:

  • Donating money to assist charities
  • Reducing our carbon foot print by walking instead of driving or even printing less, etc
  • A kind word or support for someone who needs it
  • Donating our time to help those charities that are in great need
  • Listening and being empathetic
  • Recycling
  • and the list can go on to include our wildlife, children’s education, spiritual beliefs…………

STARTAFRESHLIFE has added a page on our website STARTAFRESHLIFE Social Responsibility where we offer free coaching for those who are in need up to 100 hours each year.  (Note: 100 hours in total, not per person).  We have been offering this service since August however have not received one enquiry.

So that got me to thinking:

  • Are we marketing to the wrong people?
  • Is there no need for this service?
  • Do people mistrust anything that is free as a business trying to sell them something?
  • What is it that I am missing?

I would be interested in your thoughts and feedback, or if you think you could benefit from coaching but you just can’t afford it.  Please contact us so we can discuss.

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