Being a partner of some-one who has been diagnosed with PTSD can be isolating and challenging.

Firstly let me state, I am in awe of PTSD sufferers and how they fight daily to overcome the impacts of this illness.  Never give up.

I am a partner of some-one who is diagnosed with PTSD and although sometimes on the surface everything looks okay, behind closed doors can be different.


  • Frustration that the man I met is not there any more – I miss him some days
  • Sadness that I cannot do more to help him
  • Loneliness that other people think he is faking it, or he just needs to get on with it and move on
  • Embarrassment when he turns into a raging tornado at something he believes is provocation that I think is normal
  • Disgust at the way the system has bullied, harassed and belittled him for being a supposed malingerer, lazy or busted person
  • Guilt that I feel all these things


  • Happiness that I chose to stay and work on our relationship (and he did too)
  • Pride at how my partner fights this demon and is slowly finding ways to manage
  • Faith that there is support and techniques that can help me to stand beside, not in front or behind him
  • Joy at getting to know this new man and realise I love him just as much, if not more
  • Humbled by the support and understanding that friends and family can offer
  • Belief that we can do this together

If you and your relationship are struggling as a result of this illness, know that you are not alone and there are numerous options to support you, you just have to find the one that works for you.


I am a practising coach looking to conduct a research program to fully understand the impacts of PTSD on partners and identify what benefits coaching provides.

If you are interested in being considered as a candidate for this research program, please contact me via the contact form provided .

NOTE: You will not be bombarded by promotional material or asked to buy anything, but I will contact you to discuss the program and identify if you are an eligible candidate. All information received will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Whatever you decide, good luck on your journey and stay strong, you are not alone.