I was reminded yesterday by my teenage nephew on how powerful our change choices can be when our head and our heart is aligned.   He is following his dream to join the armed forces and he is prepared to do what ever it takes to get there – he does not see this as hard, he sees this as doing what he needs to do to fulfill his dream and goals.

As a coach I often hear these phrases:

  • I should be happy
  • Something is missing
  • I just don’t have the energy to complete my goals or actions
  • It all seems so hard

If our heart and head are not aligned we will always struggle to achieve change or outcomes.  The voice in our head says “you should be happy” or “you should do this”, but our heart feels something is missing.  Who says we “should”?

Our head helps us to notice what needs to change, but the heart provides the power and direction to actually bring about the changes.

If you find you are struggling to move forward or achieve your goals or if you feel something is missing, I would encourage you to create a partnership between your head and heart.  The power of coherence gives you the energy efficiency you need to achieve changes that haven’t been possible before.  You might be surprised at what you can achieve!


  • Create a partnership between your head and your heart
  • Reframe your language from “I should” to “I could” you will be surprised at how much empowerment this provides – freedom of choice and control in what you chose