Well the time has finally come for David and I too make the “C” Change.

There are times in our lives where we actually stop and look around and ask ourselves “Am I happy?”  “Am I where I want to be?” “Is there more to life than this?”

So, we did that and decided it was time to take off on our next adventure – The “C” Change:

  • Career Change – time to be brave and end what has been an amazing career in continuous improvement and focus on doing what we love
  • City Change – time to trade in the city of Cairns for the city of Hobart or maybe even the Fishing Village of St Helens eventually
  • Community Change – time to focus more on sustainability and the community around us
  • Cost Change – time to stop focusing on money and move somewhere where we “want to live” vs. “need to live”
  • Chosen Change – we are choosing to focus on our relationships with family and friends and less about trying to fit it all in on holidays

It is going to be a big lifestyle change for us, but one we believe we are ready for.  So come the end of March, we will be calling the Apple Isle our home and looking to see where this journey takes us and we can’t wait.

I am thinking this must be something that happens as you mature.  Do you get more selfish?  Do you have more insight?  Do you just not care?   Or is it just time to have some fun?

What is your “C” Change”….do it, you know you want too!