I must admit that I am new to all this and wondering what is the key to becoming a successful blogger?  Do you need to post every day?  Do you need to use different blog platforms?  How do you know what to blog about?  When do you finally stop screaming into the abyss?

So as you can see more questions than answers, but for me my approach is:

  • Identify who my customers are and blog on those sites that they would use – Facebook, Linked In, Google+, Flying Solo
  • Try to make the topic relevant and that could be by being brave and sharing information about myself, an education or knowledge sharing on starting a small business, coaching, PTSD, living as a defence member and family, consultancy, the list goes on
  • At the moment I am aiming to blog every second day, but thinking I might ramp this up to every day
  • In terms of screaming into the abyss I have come to realise I need to do my research on how to get people to my website, but also do more work on how do I then turn those visits into likes, comments and interest.

It’s early days for me, I only kicked off on 1st August and still have a full time job.  But I do have the passion and desire to be successful in my chosen journey.  So my mantra for now is:

  • Don’t give up – be persistent
  • Learn from my mistakes and see an opportunity
  • Research, Learn, Research, Learn, Research
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Network
  • Never lose my sense of humour

So if any of you out there have already taken the journey and are successful bloggers, would love to hear your story.