Child Abuse

Last night I watched “The Feed” on SBS2 about a group of bikers who have formed to protect children from child abuse.  They use the image and stereotype of the biker to help to make children feel safe.  They are not a vigilante group but a group of diverse people who have used their love of riding motor cycles for good.  I will say up front that I already knew about this group as I have family members involved in the SA Chapter.  But that is not why I am blogging about this, but because I reflected how sometimes the good that people do is an untold story lost in all the media noise about politicians and bad in the world.

So three shout outs from me into the world wide web:

  • Strength and commitment from the children and families to begin again was humbling to watch.
  • BACA for providing support to those children in need in a constructive unique manner, filling the gap that others cannot.
  • SBS2 “The Feed” for bringing a story to us that was real and needed to be told.

If you know of a child being abused or would just like to find out more about this group.  Go to their website and find out more information.   BACA