Rock Star

How do you find your inner rock star?  How do you throw caution to the wind and launch yourself of the stage to crowd surf?  How do you get the confidence just to try?

Easy, right……….Absolutely no way!

You need to be brave, adventurous, smart and ultimately trust in you.  However you also need to make sure you manage any change you want to sustain.

There are people out there every day who make the decision to change and are successful at it, so how can you?

At STARTAFRESHLIFE we apply the Kotter’s 8 Step Model and different coaching approaches to support people through change to ensure that it is successful and sustained.  We provide coaching and support by working with you to:

  1. Create a sense of urgency
    • What is your current state
    • Why is it important that you change now
    • What will get you to jump from the stage into the crowd
  2. Form a powerful coalition
    • Identify the existing support networks you have and how to use them through this change – including the coach
  3. Create a vision for change
    • Create your vision for the future
  4. Communicate the vision
    • Develop strategies and self-talk that will increase your motivation to change
  5. Remove obstacles
    • Identify obstacles to the change  – what are the issues, problems, situations that are stopping you from changing
  6. Create short term wins
    • Identify long and short term SMART goals for the future
    • Identify actions to achieve your future state
  7. Build on the change
    • Start trialling and implementing the change that is right for you
  8. Anchor the changes
    • Reflect on how far you have come by checking progress along the way and at the end of the coaching session
    • Identifying the tools, strategies and techniques you need to adopt to maintain the change for now and into the future

If you think this approach will help you to make the change you need to live the life you want to remember, contact us for more information or make an appointment.

Just remember that Inner Rock Star is inside all of us just waiting to take to the stage.